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Event Centerpiece in clients home
Social Pictures : Event Centerpiece in clients home
Stationary Hors D'oeuvres on Marble
Social Pictures : Stationary Hors D
Stationary Brie Cheese on marble
Social Pictures : Stationary Brie Cheese on marble
Chicken Farinettes in chrome chaffer
Social Pictures : Chicken Farinettes in chrome chaffer
Bacon wrapped scallops
Social Pictures : Bacon wrapped scallops
Stationary Hors D'oeuvres
Social Pictures : Stationary Hors D
Stationary Hors D'oeuvres
Social Pictures : Stationary Hors D
Table setup and Chrome chaffers
Social Pictures : Table setup and Chrome chaffers
Lunch buffet and servers
Social Pictures : Lunch buffet and servers
Tomato Bocconcini appetizer
Social Pictures : Tomato Bocconcini appetizer
Evian Sparkling Water
Social Pictures : Evian Sparkling Water
Passion for Pink Event
Social Pictures : Passion for Pink Event
Passion for Pink table set up
Social Pictures : Passion for Pink table set up
Satellite kitchen setup
Social Pictures : Satellite kitchen setup
Staff preparing Salad plates
Social Pictures : Staff preparing Salad plates
Bartender at Bar
Social Pictures : Bartender at Bar
Amuse Bouche
Social Pictures : Amuse Bouche
Passion for Pink Event
Social Pictures : Passion for Pink Event
Guest at Bar Passion for Pink
Social Pictures : Guest at Bar Passion for Pink
Chef Khaz supervising kitchen
Social Pictures : Chef Khaz supervising kitchen
Event Food preparation
Social Pictures : Event Food preparation
Staff aboard Yacht
Social Pictures : Staff aboard Yacht
Staff passing with a tray
Social Pictures : Staff passing with a tray
Outdoor Mexican theme buffet
Social Pictures : Outdoor Mexican theme buffet
Mexican buffet centerpiece
Social Pictures : Mexican buffet centerpiece
Private Party at a Car Museum
Social Pictures : Private Party at a Car Museum
Seated Dinner for private party
Social Pictures : Seated Dinner for private party
Seated Dinner setup
Social Pictures : Seated Dinner setup
Buffet dessert in home
Social Pictures : Buffet dessert in home
Carving station with Copper
Social Pictures : Carving station with Copper
Server and copper platter
Social Pictures : Server and copper platter
Carving station action
Social Pictures : Carving station action

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The days of sticking around town during your final days being single are in the past. Let Doctors Lunch Delivery help you sort out all your bachelor/bachelorette party ideas and create a fun and memorable experience in Orange County to be remembered for years to come.

If Doctors Lunch Delivery is what you are looking for, give us a call at (888) ZCater1 and let's start making memories.

Orange County history:

Members of the Tongva, Juaneño, and Luiseño Native American groups long inhabited the area. After the 1769 expedition of Gaspar de Portolà, a Spanish expedition led by Junipero Serra named the area Valle de Santa Ana (Valley of Saint Anne). On November 1, 1776, Mission San Juan Capistrano became the area's first permanent European settlement. Among those who came with Portolá were José Manuel Nieto and José Antonio Yorba. Both these men were given land grants - Rancho Los Nietos and Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, respectively. The Nieto heirs were granted land in 1834. The Nieto ranches were known as Rancho Los Alamitos, Rancho Las Bolsas, and Rancho Los Coyotes. Yorba heirs Bernardo Yorba and Teodosio Yorba were also granted Rancho Cañón de Santa Ana (Santa Ana Canyon Ranch) and Rancho Lomas de Santiago, respectively. Other ranchos in Orange County were granted by the Mexican government during the Mexican period in Alta California.

A severe drought in the 1860s devastated the prevailing industry, cattle ranching, and much land came into the possession of Richard O'Neill, Sr., James Irvine and other land barons. In 1887, silver was discovered in the Santa Ana Mountains, attracting settlers via the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Railroads.

This growth led the California legislature to divide Los Angeles County and create Orange County as a separate political entity on March 11, 1889. The county is generally said to have been named for the citrus fruit (its most famous product). However, in the new county there was already a town by the name of Orange, named for Orange County, Virginia, which itself took its name from William of Orange. The fact the county took the same name as one of its towns may have been coincidence.

Other citrus crops, avocados, and oil extraction were also important to the early economy. Orange County benefited from the July 4, 1904 completion of the Pacific Electric Railway, a trolley connecting Los Angeles with Santa Ana and Newport Beach . The link made Orange County an accessible weekend retreat for celebrities of early Hollywood. It was deemed so significant that the city of Pacific City changed its name to Huntington Beach in honor of Henry Huntington, president of the Pacific Electric and nephew of Collis Huntington. Transportation further improved with the completion of the State Route and U.S. Route 101 (now mostly Interstate 5) in the 1920s. Agriculture, such as the boysenberry which was made famous by Buena Park native Walter Knott, began to decline after World War II but the county's prosperity soared. The completion of Interstate 5 in 1954 helped make Orange County a bedroom community for many who moved to Southern California to work in aerospace and manufacturing. Orange County received a further boost in 1955 with the opening of Disneyland.

In 1969, Yorba Linda-born Orange County native Richard Nixon became the 37th President of the United States.

In the 1980s, the population topped two million for the first time; Orange County had become the second-most populous county in California.

An investment fund melt-down in 1994 led to the criminal prosecution of County of Orange treasurer Robert Citron. The county lost at least $1.5 billion through high-risk investments in derivatives. On December 6, 1994, the County of Orange declared Chapter 9 bankruptcy, from which it emerged in June 1995. The Orange County bankruptcy was the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.

In recent years land-use conflicts have arisen between established areas in the north and less developed areas in the south. These conflicts have regarded things such as construction of new toll roads and the re-purposing of a decommissioned air base. For example, the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station site was designated by a voter measure in 1994 to be developed into an international airport to alleviate the heavily used John Wayne Airport. But subsequent voter initiatives and court actions have caused the airport plan to be permanently shelved. Instead it will become the Orange County Great Park.

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